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Punching His Ticket Home: Lance Grantham
The College of HRSM prepares leaders and scholars who drive the economic engines of SC, the nation, and the world.
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The Sport and Entertainment Management Department at the University of South Carolina prepares undergraduate and graduate students for a variety of positions in the sports and entertainment industry. The University of South Carolina is unique in Sport and Entertainment Business as the first major University to create a separate department for the study of sport and entertainment in a business curriculum. The goal of the faculty and the department is to create an integrated academic learning environment for analyzing and resolving the challenges in the business of sport and entertainment. The faculty and staff are committed to providing support for student achievement. Students can enter the industry with exceptional knowledge, professional preparation, a strong alumni network, and the confidence to assume leadership positions. Sport and Entertainment is a growing sector in the global economy and the opportunity for success is limited only by our imagination.


Punching His Ticket Home: Lance Grantham

2014 US Open by the numbers (featuring Mark Nagel)

HRSM powers athletic, academic achievement

Dr. Richard Southall testifies at U.S Senate Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation hearing, “Promoting the Well-Being and Academic Success of College Athletes.” Watch the hearing here.

Strong international success: Eric Cuthbertson

SPTE graduate program moves up in global top 25

Grady awarded USC "sprestigious Mungo Teaching Award

SPTE Master's students excel at NSF Case Cup Competition

HRSM students shine at Darlington and The Masters

Legendary promoter visits SPTE class

CSRI Conference announces 2014 speakers and panelists

Dr. John Grady, Sport and Recreation Law Association Research FellowSPTE associate professor designated research
fellow by Sport and Recreation Law Association (SRLA)




Mastering the Industry: Chris Asouzu

Chasing her Olympic dream ... Ava Jones

SEVT leads tojobs for SPTE students, draws alumni back

HRSM grad, Rusty Koss, enjoys a closet full of success

Launch of USC PhD program in Sport and Entertainment Management

Remembering USC Sport and Entertainment visionary, Dr. Guy Lewis

Top 25 ranking for SPTE graduate program

Stewart Blanchard is working ‘knee deep " and loving every second on the road with the
Zac Brown Band

Sarah Haile, SPTE Club PresidentUSC Students: Y "all heard about SPTE Club?
A Podcast Interview with USC student and SPTE Club President Sarah Haile

HRSM had the pleasure of sitting down recently with Sport and Entertainment Management (SPTE) student, Sarah Haile, to discuss the USC student-run organization called SPTE Club.

Sarah is a junior at USC and current president of SPTE Club. Not sure what SPTE Club is? Kinda sure, but need more information? Check out this podcast interview with Sarah to get tips on how to become involved:Click here to listen to the podcast

Click here to listen to the podcast.

About SPTE Club:
Housed at the College of HRSM, SPTE club is a vehicle for USC undergraduate students to meet leading industry professionals, experience live events as educational tools, and network with professors and fellow gamecock students. The club is run by the students, for the students, with guidance from the College of HRSM "s Department of Sport and Entertainment Management. The 2011-2012 SPTE club has more than 80 members. Follow SPTE club on Twitter at @USC_SPTE_Club and on Facebook.


Ballouli, K., & Bennett, G. (in press). New (sound)waves in sport branding: Do semantic differences in analogous music impact shopping behaviors of sport consumers? Sport Marketing Quarterly, 1-39.

Ballouli, K., & Heere, B. (in press). Sonic branding in sport: A model for communicating brand identity with through musical fit. Sport Management Review, 1-33.

Under Armour defends suits as U.S. speedskaters go cold (feat. John Grady)

HRSM professor weighs in on Olympic sponsorship rules (feat. John Grady)
--The Denver Post

Southall, R., M., Brown, M. T., Nagel, M. S., Southall, C. (in press). Media March madness: A comparative content analysis of 2006 and 2011 NCAA Division I Men’s National Basketball Tournament broadcasts. International Journal of Sport Management.

TIME Cover Story: It's Time to Pay College Athletes
College sports are mass entertainment. It's time to fully reward players for their work
--Richard Southall

Southall, R. (Accepted). Cheering on the collegiate model: Creating, disseminating, and imbedding the NCAA’s redefinition of amateurism. Journal of Sport & Social Issues.

Mercado selected for Venue Management School Class of 2013
SPTE professor and 5 alumni in line for industry-wide, international recognition

Congratulations to Tom Regan, who has received the Excellence in Teaching Award from the Alpha Chapter of the Mortar Board.


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